Back to that whole “Be here now” thing…

Yesterday was a day of running running running…
Spike was not approving of my leaving him.  My boy is getting old.
He has been with us for well over a decade now and we can see him starting to slow down.
His days of endlessly catching balls…well he is good for a toss or two somedays but that is about it.
He was absolutely refusing to let me out the door yesterday.
All 10lbs of him solidly shaking and standing between me, the door and the outside world.
So I opened the door and he ran straight to the car, insisting he join me in the world.
I was heading out to Shalom Farms for a bit of volunteer photography work before picking up kids from school.
He was just sitting there refusing to GET OUT.
So I texted Steve and asked if this guy could just come with me…

I just kept thinking…”be here now“.
He isn’t going to be here for too many more years and well…as much of a pain as this fella can be he has been my constant companion for that decade I was just talking about.
He deserves a few more adventures in his little world.
Steve texted back with a “sure but bring a leash to keep him off the plastic“.
Easy enough…and if you know Spike he doesn’t leave my side and speaks fluent human.
This guy had the best day ever after that….

Spike has taught me so much over the years….mainly about loyalty and seeing past faults.
If you ever see me out and about with my little man just know…he is old and we are together more than not.  He seems to want his people more and more the older he gets.
Separation is not his strong point.
I can surly grant him small adventures and togetherness.
Those little adventures that keep his soul a buzz and his heart in the game a few more solid years.
Isn’t that what we all want out of life as well most days?
Just a little adventure in the now?

My “now” for today will be consisting of finally tackling my neglected garden and yard.
My little business has kept me busy busy busy.
My garden has taken the brunt of that “busy“.
Pitiful mess…so off I go to Lowe’s to grab wood for a new box.
We are hoping to build sometime in the next year…no clue where…no clue when.
Just a dream and prayer.  We shall see if it actually happens.
BUT it leaves me with the task of winding down the gardens around here a bit.
No worries though because I have some amazing farming friends and can’t wait for my CSA share from Broadfork farm to kick in.  I shall just leave the bulk of my food growing to the professionals this season…but I will still be out there getting dirty from time to time.
Playing in dirt is actually good for you!

Guess who is going with me to Lowe’s 😉


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Just the way I like it.  
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