Having spent the last two decades as a professional photographer I can honestly say that it often feels like there has been a camera in my hands for my entire adult life.

Every assignment is now like breathing air.


I have photographed thousands of family sessions, endless babies, weddings, travel destinations, celebrities and commercial/branding assignments etc…

I look back at my career and always smile when I think of this camera in my hands and the places it has taken me, the people I have met and the clients I now call my family and friends. My friends and I have a running joke that I can put any name into my Facebook account and everyone in Richmond knows me by a few degrees because they have been on the other side of my camera or know someone who has at some point.

It’s been an amazing ride and humans are simply my favorite.

I am a lover of those humans and beautiful places.

I have laughed and cried in likely equal parts on many occasions with my clients.

I have witnessed more love, loss, and beauty in this world firsthand than most. It has 100% shaped who I am today.

This career has grounded me. Leveled me out and showed me what is and isn’t important in life. An often unfiltered education on life in a world of uncertainty.

The places this camera has taken me...and will continue to take me are limitless and beautiful.

Best. Job. Ever.