This must be the millionth.... / by tisha lyn mccuiston


No really this new website feels like my millionth time redoing my studio site over the last decade plus as a professional photographer.
Granted this one was super crazy easy since I decided to give up on Wordpress for the actual studio site.

Bramble Hill will still be on Wordpress since it is a true blog, not really selling anything just sharing more of my personal life and food/farm/nature stuff.  Granted I am a blogging slacker from time to time.  Especially in the Winter when life in my garden and on farms slows down and hibernation kicks in.

But this little blog?
Well it is for sharing client sessions...of which I hope to continue doing for at least another few decades.  
See I have tried to put that old camera to the side a bit more over the last 5 years or so why my youngest grew up a bit.  The family needed me at home so home I was for the most part. 
After having him I ended up with "mommy wrist" ( better known as carpal tunnel syndrome) and holding a camera for long weddings was put to a screeching halt.
Until now!  I am recovering from the surgery to correct it now and can't wait to jump back into all things photography this year.

The combo of baby not being a baby anymore (travel for work again here I come) and my camera hand being back has left me crazy excited about what 2018 holds!

I shall try not to be too much of a blogging slacker but I make no promises.  
I will however be attempting to do a solid 365 challenge over on Instagram for my self.  I love the idea of capturing what is going on in my little family life at least once a day but honestly I am not sure how long I will be able to pull it off.  Should be interesting to see if I can 😂