I started my life surrounded by nature and farm life.
Rambling fields and making friends with cows. It truly isn’t surprising I have come full circle back to my love of the natural world and farm life.
You will find me often on farms, homesteads and in backyard gardens, camera in hand, documenting those who wake up every single day, go outside and work hard to put healthy food on plates. I have enjoyed nothing more than learning, documenting and telling the story of food…good food and the people who dedicate their backs, hands and hearts to growing it.
As sustainably grown as possible. I’m not sure that there is a truly 100% “sustainable” way to grow but after visiting dozens of farms over the last decade I can tell you there are many growers giving it their best shot. THIS is what I want to continue to share.
Not the perfection of being perfect at the attempt but the attempt. The hard work.
The joy, the sorrow, the beauty….all the in betweens from dirt to table.
There are some fantastic stories to be told. I want to tell them.



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