Do you take custom orders?

Absolutely! Have a certain stone you would like to see in one of our ladder bracelets or crocheted necklaces? Or perhaps a saying you would love on a necklace? Use the Contact form above to tell us a bit more.

brand collaborations?

Absolutely! We love working with fellow crafters, interior designers and other businesses often! Have a product, book or item you think we should review or cross promote? Drop us a line with that contact button at the top of the screen. We’d love to hear from you!


Is Tisha still doing photography sessions for clients?

Absolutely! We love our photography clients and Tisha will likely never stop taking portraits. She is still doing family, food, home real estate and interior design sessions often. Simply hit the Contact form at the top of the page to schedule.


Yes and no. Yes, Tisha will happily come out to any farm that asks and capture their beauty. No, she is not getting to follow her dream of traveling the country currently. It’s called life and paying kids school tuitions. One day this dream will come true for her. Until then…she will just keep dreaming about making it happen before she kicks it.