Friday Finds {For the love of clearance

Can’t help it.
I love all things clearance…always have always will. Not surprising. My mother had to be the thriftiest person I have ever met. The woman hated spending money. Oh how she loved a bargain though.
As we grew older and moved out she switched over to a bit of hoarding which is probably why I go a little batty if the house starts getting any clutter to it. I am the opposite and will get rid of anything that starts to make me feel like the walls maybe closing in on me.

BUT I still love a good bargain! Especially when it comes to home decor.
And I am pretty great at finding good deals. I figured I will try and share from time to time my favorite finds…

This week I think this Crate and Barrel bird is the winner for me. I have literally been waiting for it to go to $19.99 though. Why $19.99?
Not sure why that price point is what I am waiting for on the guy. I wanted him last year but never picked him up. I probably waited for that $19.99 then too and he was gone by then.
Happens to me all the time at work (I work at Crate and Barrel and live up to my “clearance Queen” name there…lol)
I see something I want and tell myself “if it’s still here a week from now” or “next price drop if it’s still here I am taking it home”. If it’s still there at that point it gets to come home and if it’s not…it wasn’t meant to be.
This bird planter though…this year it is coming home.

This time of year is pretty much my favorite since all the outdoor goodies are going on the clearance isles!
Oh and Spring goodies! You can even still find those!
Can you tell I am in love with all of the planters this year?
Today’s theme is clearly going to be “planters Tisha wants to bring home from work”!

Campana Grey Planters  $3.47-$34.97

I will confess the next planters are my favorite because they remind me of my mom’s from my childhood. Granted I think she made her’s from concrete and river stone?
I do know that my stepdad STILL has them…some 40 year old planters at this point.
You can’t mess with stone planters…they are TOUGH (and heavy)

Stacked Rock Planters   $59.97-$69.97

Can we just talk basket planters for a minute?
I love this trend! Why? Because in the Fall all of my outdoor plants come inside (Daryl just LOVES this…lol!)
The baskets not only protect my floor…they are so pretty <3

Mohave Striped Baskets  $39.97-$49.97

And then there is the whole option to have a planter wall…
Two! I want two of these. One for the front porch and one for the back….ok maybe one for inside the house as well.
I clearly need a 12 step program for my addiction to plants.

Last but not least…I love planters with stands.
Seriously makes my cat mad because he can’t dig up the plants when they are out of his reach. Totally a win for me. But the sad news is they have yet to go on sale…
Something for me to watch for. If I have to settle for some from Overstock or Wayfair I shall…but I have to be honest. I love Crate and Barrel because I work there, can see the item, feel it and know that it is solidly good. I always feel like when I order something off of the internet it’s a crap shoot.
It may look like the picture but more often then not it is a cheap product that doesn’t last.
So I wait and plot out when it will drop to a price I can grab it at.
I am a patient girl, mostly.

Until next time…I have started a Pinterest board to drop the clearance finds in as we go along.
Be sure to hit that “follow” button and if you would like to add to that board just request an invite! The more the merrier :-)