To all the villagers


Yesterday started grumpy little boy who was “bored” and one mom who just wanted to have all the fun with the kid she has been missing.

I have spent large chunks of my weeks this Summer not getting to spend long rambling days with this sweet boy.  Instead working the oddest of full time hours. Retail is like that. Nature of the beast.
Hours that conflict with me getting to give this boy the Summer the first two kiddos have always had.
Mom guilt is such a powerful gut wrenching thing...isn’t it? 

I love my job but I miss THIS job. The mom job.  It’s always been my favorite.  
In my entire career life raising this crew the last 19 years has been the job I excelled at, loved and knew one day I would be...demoted one day.
Ouch..right? (and yes it is as painful as it sounds)

Kids are my peeps though…my happy place.

  • They know how to laugh and cry in equal parts each day.

  • They love my bad jokes.

    They love hugs as much as I do.

  • They literally will not hold back a single emotion, thought or opinion from you.

But this bonus baby of ours...well he still needs me in all the way for another decade.  I like to think the universe gave him to us as a way of saying “you did decent that first go around can you help me with one more little spirit?  Big personality, little package...all the feels this one will have. It’s going to take a village.

This Summer that village has stepped right up.  My two days off are spent trying to cram all of Summer into those two days each week that I can and that sweet village scoops him right up and loves him the other days❤️

Me feeling like I’m not pulling off mothering all that great most of the time...
the kids reminding me they still love many flaws and all.

So we cram...cram it all in there. 
“Wanna go to Boomerang and bounce?”

“Wanna go to Lewis Ginter with friends?”

“Wanna have neighbors over to play?”

Summer...let’s cram all the Summer we can into the minutes we do have.

Label it the “Summer of quality not quantity” and be ever thankful for all the many hearts and hands helping raise this bonus kid we all love so much.

To all the mom’s, dad’s and villager’s out there just know the work, love and hugs you give a child each day...matter so much.
And they add up.

I would know...I started as a villager myself 3 decades ago. 
Sending hugs to all those babies I spent wonderful Summers with that we’re not my own...but I loved them just the same. Because that’s how villagers roll. One day I will be a villager again and you best bet I will continue to spoil other peoples kids ridiculously. Every child deserves that.

Over the years I think the number one thing every parent has to learn…
There is no such thing as “too many” people stepping up to love and care for your children.

One day I won’t be here and those villagers will step right in…see I too had villagers who stepped in and have scooped me up from my own childhood and I have never forgotten them nor stopped thanking God for them…and loving them.

No such thing as “too loved”.
Now off to work I go…handing this sweet boy off to his Aunt for their “date day” while I go sell some home decor💗

tisha lyn mccuiston