When a beginning isn't really the beginning


While this is going to look like a first blog post many of you know it is anything but.
Oh how life just keeps on changing and shifting, merging into this medley of crazy stories, life lessons and basically nothing “planned”.

Once upon a time I was a family blogger. Oh Bramble Hill how I loved you. I wrote about our little family and all the things we did within our homeschool world, my photography studio and home making for a decade. It grew and had a lovely little following of some pretty amazing humans. They were my tribe.
I loved them. I still love them.
BUT my kids grew up (as kids tend to do) and those once children decided they really didn’t want to be in a family blog. Who could blame them?
This, my friends is a very long story and a wonderful blog post for another day. Probably going to title it something like “5 things every family themed social media mother should know”.
See my generation was the FIRST mothering generation to every have to traverse the land “social media”.
Oh the stories I have to tell.

For now though we shall talk about this fresh start blog we have right here, right now.
I have missed writing. It’s been pretty much a few years now at the level I once managed.
I should probably mention I have never stopped writing. I have been writing fiction books in my spare time for a very long time. Nothing worth publishing more than likely but here’s the thing…story tellers must always write the stories that live in their heads.
Our thoughts fill our heads with all the words. If we don’t put them down then our head becomes a traffic jam.

I stopped writing publicly in part for lack of what to share. Life was busy with teenagers and the bonus babe.
There have been home builds, moves, rental homes, kids going off to college, ending homeschooling, new career paths and business opportunities.
Life. Lots of life.
In the end of it all though our nest is about to be down to one kiddo left and a bunch of animals (they really are the best humans).
I have never been one to take one subject and become a specialist other than photography and mothering I suppose. Instead I have always functioned more in the realm of generalist. I love how Elizabeth Gilbert put it. She pretty much nailed it.
I am a hummingbird, without a doubt.

The first time I heard her lecture on hummingbird people I was like “FINALLY! Somebody gets it!”
I have this endless curiosity to “learn all the things” and in turn I always end up teaching and sharing “all the things” I have learned. Being a generalist can sometimes make you feel like a bit of a freak show.
Because I have so much random, sometimes useless, knowledge.
I need to keep sharing and teaching. I simply love it.

I have never been a grammatically correct writer. I always feel like I should give this disclaimer to anyone just stumbling into my blog world. Here is what you should know about my writing style (because following a blogger is a bit of a commitment…lol).
Two reasons I am actually a crappy writer:

#1 I’m dyslexic y’all…like seriously and severely.
Grammar is my sworn meniscus. Don’t get me started on the evil fourth grade teacher who spent an entire year trying to teach me to diagram sentences.
Long story short that was one horrific year and she failed miserably (in her defense there was never a chance she could succeed at teaching me to diagram an actual sentence…BAHAHAHAHA).
I try very hard to use the correct spellings and wording but more often than not I fail.
I truly need editors for my editors.
I could never make enough money blogging to keep a professional editor on staff so I’m afraid this blog is not the spot for those who are offended by such things.

#2 I write straight out of my head….and it’s chaos in their I tell ya.
I write as if you are sitting beside me.
I am middle age now which also means I no longer give a care whether someone likes me or doesn’t.
I have a long life behind me of surviving…..everything.
A list of experiences that give me a perspective worth sharing with others even if my wording isn’t always perfection. We middle age woman need to be sharing our voices more often.
The world is currently saturated with 20/30 something’s all willing to share absolutely everything it seems. While I love, love, love them and their voices I simply refuse to allow my own generation and our decades of knowledge to disappear simply because most woman my age are too tired, worried about what their peers may think or unsure how to find their own voice or direction in life.
There are so many not discussed topics for aging woman. Literally thousands of things we simply don’t pass down or openly chat about. I am not really sure why? We need more willing to be open. Middle age is so tricky and lonely for so many.
I’m fine with people not always agreeing with my opinions, not liking me or even…making fun of my terrible gramma (no worries I am my own worst critic).
It is what it is. It really doesn’t matter.
Sometimes you simply don’t have to be perfect at a thing to truly enjoy a thing or to know you should be doing said thing.

See totally terrible verbage.
FYI if I ever actually do have one of my fictional books published one day I promise to hire, at a minimum, three editors ;-)
With that said….let’s get back to the fun and begin again!