Building the empire...

I know I have talked about my mom, her sisters and my grandmother all making their livings by sewing and crafts “back in the day” but honestly I can’t help thinking about them all, often.
How did they do it?
Without the internet and social media?
Without Youtube to teach you absolutely anything you wanted to know?
Without the community of fellow crafter’s cheering each other on?
I just wonder.
I feel like being a crafter today must be easier and harder all at the same time.


  • Communicating with the world at large what you are making

  • how to purchase it and finding supplies to make you products

  • Making fellow crafting friends.

  • Learning absolutely anything you want to know with a click of a button


  • Often a saturated market

  • Cheap mass produced China made products

  • Large corporations ripping off Etsy/craft vendors creations in mass while a handmade crafter can’t keep up with that speed

  • Dealing with copycats as a basic whole

  • Learning how to use social media in a way that is beneficial and not a time suck.

Fall seven times stand up eight

This much I know for sure as I start to hash out my empire building plan…
It’s going to take time, years actually, to create the vision I have for my art. I am starting to take metal smithing classes now because my dream goal will always involve working with metal.
I LOVE metal.
Whether it’s copper, silver or gold I love creating my little lovelies with it. I want to learn how to truly make little works of art with it. For now though I do what I can.
My epoxy resin goodies are back in the shop (always a hit)…

Epoxy Resin

And tons of crocheted and beaded necklaces are going into both locations (The Lazy Daisy Midlothian and Short Pump).

Crochet necklaces

Copper work will be coming into the store by the beginning of September…because it’s my favorite.

copper work

With each lovely I sell I am one step closer to paying for all my new adventures in making art out of the more expensive metals. It’s just this slow build and falling back into jewelry again and again.
I have literally been selling jewelry off and on since I was 19 years old. All these decades I have wanted to fall into metal smithing but the cost has kept me out of it.
This is the year that ends. Stayed tuned…I promise to drag y’all along on this journey of mine. Creating “all the things” in order to get to “the thing” I know I am meant to create.
Who said empire building was fast and easy?
They lie ;-)