The ultimate garden


Not really sure how I fell into making paper flowers?
I have always had a love of paper….I attribute it to my scrapbooking days. When I discovered I could make beautiful flowers out of paper I was hooked. Probably helped that it was during a time that I had to pack up my craft room for our move and all I needed to make these gorgeous flowers was a pair of scissors, paper and hot glue.
Originally it took up just a bit of space…now it’s a different story (I have paper everywhere) but we are all moved so I can hoard paper to my hearts delight.

Last month I started giving them a try selling them over at The Lazy Daisy in Short Pump. I added in some of this and some of that into the booth as well. I thought for sure the flowers would be the big seller (they are beautiful!) but my jewelry ended up winning.
When you are running a craft biz I think the first thing you learn is that the things you create that you think will sell aren’t always the things that do. It can be frustrating trying to figure out what will and won’t.

But the good news is something DID! While I love making my flowers I also love making my jewelry so it’s all good in the end. I am adding in my crystal stone and hand stamped inspirational line of jewelry this month for a test run. I must admit these are my favorite pieces. Mainly because I create each piece with a reason and purpose. I will share more on that soon but for now will add some little videos and more about them over on Poppy’s Instagram feed later this week. One day soon I will add online ordering here as well.

Do you have a craft business? I would love to hear from you and how you handle figuring out what items will sell and displays! Can we just talk displays for a minute….Lordy is it hard to figure out the best way to display your items at shows and shops! I have a new found respect for sure!
What do you guys find works and what has been a complete failure? Always looking for learning resources as well!

tisha lyn mccuiston