Photography is a strong tool, a propaganda device,
and a weapon for the defense of the environment...
and therefore for the fostering of a healthy human race
and even very likely for its survival.



I started my life surrounded by farm life. Rambling fields and making friends with cows. It truly isn’t surprising I have come full circle back to my love of the natural world. You will find me often on farms, camera in hand, documenting those who wake up every single day, go outside and work hard to put healthy food on our plates. I have enjoyed nothing more than learning, documenting and telling the story of food…good food.
As sustainably grown as possible.



When you are so connected with how your food is grown you soon find yourself surrounded by fellow food lovers. You learn that there are a million different varieties of vegetables the grocery store had previously told you there was only one perhaps two varieties of.
You want to try them all..taste all the things. Chef’s and health advocates become your friends because they too have learned that real food…food straight from the source not for the grocery…is full of flavor and addictive in all the best ways.



The reason it all began. Why I picked up my camera a few decades ago.
My love of capturing moments, telling a families story. Being a personal family photographer typically ends up making me half honorary family member and half therapists. I am there year after year. Through the triumphs and the tragedies…the celebrations and the tears.
I show up. I participate.
I document who each family is.
I often cry right along with my clients amazing stories.