A place to be.


Welcome to Tisha Lyn’s little corner of the world.
Some of you may have tumbled upon Tisha’s work back in her scrapbooking for publication days, or maybe you hired her to capture your family life with her camera or maybe you were a Bramble Hill blog follower for the decade she shared her family life via blogging.
Or maybe the handmade flowers and jewelry she now sells through out the Richmond, VA area and online.
However you found us…we are happy you did.

Tisha Lyn has become a brand in and of itself over the decades. A brand that represents motherhood, family life, haven making and just supporting each other through this life. Life can be long and hard but also so incredibly vibrant and lovely.

This little community is here and still going after all these years for several reasons but the biggest one would have to be Tisha’s love of this world and the humans in it.

Whether it’s a blog post about the latest trends in home design or creating a piece of jewelry with meaning and intent she does it all with a vibrant zest for life that she likes to think of as her universal pep talk and hug to humanity. She is so excited to merge her worlds into one website and one blogsite.

This is simply a lovely and easy place to be.