Silver Bunny Rabbit Spirit or Totem necklace

Silver Bunny Rabbit Spirit or Totem necklace


This little lovely❤️

I currently have a love affair going with finding vintage buttons, making molds and making them into fine silver charms with meaning.

When I found the bunny buttons I was all “My spirit animal! Heck ya! This world needs more bunny necklaces!”

“People with the rabbit totem are often unpredictable and spontaneous.

They also have fast reflexes and good coordination. People with this spirit animal are highly observational and alert, gentle and nurturing as well as intelligent and quick-witted.

Furthermore, bunny people are quick to succeed and are highly skilled at success. They are also generous in advising those around them.

Folks with this power animals essence can instinctively sense what paths lead to danger, and which roads lead to success.”

Each necklace measures 16”-18”. Each charm is handmade and may vary a little bit from piece to handmade piece but not too much.

Chain is antique silver plated. Charm is pure fine silver .999.

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