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My name is Tisha (my for real name…sounds like “Trisha” but just remove the “r”). I have been a professional photographer for close to 2 decades now!

No clue how time goes by that fast BUT it sure has been a fantastic journey. When asked what I photograph I always answer with “It’s easier to ask what I don’t.”

These days I am primarily focus on my commercial, travel, home and garden work.
I always have and always will love what I do.

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Drone life

Tisha is a Part 107 licenses pilot who travels all over this world capturing some pretty amazing places!
She is always up for the next big adventure!


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Capturing Memories

Children . families . seniors

Tisha has spent her entire adult life surrounded by children. Whether teaching her own children for a decade or walking into a classroom filled with littles she knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to children. While most of the studio these days is focused on travel and tourism Tisha will never be able to say "No" to spending time cuddling babies and laughing with the families that she has literally worked with for decades. Watching these families grow up from birth to seniors has been a gift.

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“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”