What is a "Personal Family photographer"?

Tisha Lyn

A "personal family photographer" is more than just a photographer that takes your families pics once.. 
What I do is so much more than just sitting an adorable baby in front of a backdrop.  (Granted I do put the occasional newborn in front of a backdrop if the client asks for it ;-) )
Truth be told...I am a story teller.  Good Lord I love a story.
I am not about posing all of my images...I am totally fine with a messy house (because that is real life)...I want capture my clients just being who they are.
Of course there are posed family shots BUT there is a whole lot of kids being allowed to be kids at my sessions.
I don't expect perfection from a child...I am there for them to share with me who they really are and try and capture it in a artsy way.  Putting my angle on an image and hoping the child doesn't even realize they did anything but have fun.

A families story is so much more than just a single session at a milestone moment.  I can share images of my families that start on wedding days and are still being told with almost grown children. 
I simply have been allowed to become part of the family in a way. 
My cameras and I have been witness to huge love, tiny miracles, tragic death, divorce, teens on their way out the door to their own new beginnings...on and on.
We have shared tears of both joy & sadness more times than I can count...the holding of hands and being half therapist, half mother always friend.
I tell their story over years with my images...not just once.  
I get attached to watching your families grow up.
There’s this bond that comes from being invited to be part of your most intimate, often life changing moments.
It’s wonderfully humbling.
It has 100% shaped who I am today.
The stories...all the beautiful stories.

I look back over the last 15 years and think
“How am I THIS lucky?  This blessed beyond blessed to be asked in?  To STILL being doing this thing I love?”

The answer is simple...passion/calling/love of my fellow humans. 
If your family photographer can connect with you then capturing who your family really is flows naturally.
The joy your photographer has for you with each chapter of your life...well it comes through in your images.
This isn’t just a job it’s a calling.
I live for the story telling...everyone has a story.
I want to capture yours. 
Breathe life into it and make something that brings a family joy for a lifetime.